Our Investment Strategy

Newmark's investment philosophy is based on property fundamentals including:

  • well located commercial property;
  • strong local economies;
  • income underpinned by leases to quality businesses;
  • prudent use of debt; and
  • hands-on and active strategic management.

Newmark believes that it should focus on markets it understands and where it can identify income growth and upside through market trends, structural shifts (e.g. new infrastructure, planning scheme changes, population growth) or new initiatives. We believe in partnerships with our tenants because we understand that our properties do well when our tenants do well.

Newmark's team of experienced professionals are focussed on investment management and property, ensuring that our investors and assets are the focus of our attention. Our disciplined approach to investing starts with  selecting the right site with strategic advantages. We undertake an extensive due diligence process before we commit to purchase. We kick the dirt and speak to the people on the ground. We recognise that markets move, so we sell our investment when the time is right to deliver capital gains to our investors.

Why Unlisted Property?

The Newmark business model is to deliver quality investment grade properties to private investors. Newmark's investment model allows investors to evaluate and select the specific property that they choose to invest in.

Newmark believes that this model most closely aligns with an investment in direct property. whilst offering a scale and quality of asset that most private investors would not be able to access.

It is noteworthy that one of the most attractive features of an investment in commercial property has been the strong and stable income returns it has consistently delivered to investors. The attraction of having quality corporate tenants paying recurring and increasing rentals ensures that commercial real estate has consistently delivered stable income, along with capital growth.

Newmark believes that this type of unlisted direct commercial property investment should for part of any well diversified investment portfolio including shares, term deposits, residential property and listed REITs.

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